To access the complete list of conjugation models used in our conjugator, we kindly invite you to refer to the paper-based Serbian conjugation dictionary (Srpski glagoli) authored by our team members, Saša Marjanović and Nikola Radosavljević.

The book is available for purchase online at:

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Wa are happy to announce that our app is now available on the iPhone App Store.

Download the SerboVerb mobile app today and start enjoying a free, simple and friendly way to conjugate Serbian verbs.

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This is our first crossword puzzle, conceived by our collaborator Nataša Spasić. It is entirely devoted to the third person plural present form of 15 basic Serbian verbs. The exercice aims at testing your knowledge in conjugation, but also in vocabulary. Use our conjugator for every problematic verb form.

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With this SerboVerb quiz you will learn a series of word families. Word families are groups of words that go together because they have similar or common formal and/or semantic features ! Word families are a very important tool when learning a foreign language! Thanks to Nataša Spasić for this exercice!

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Our second Find the match exercise, also authored by our collaborator Nataša Spasić, is devoted to football vocabulary. This learning activity will allow you to learn 10 verbs used to describe different football actions.

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