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Crossword n°1

This is our first crossword puzzle, conceived by our collaborator Nataša Spasić. It is entirely devoted to the third person plural present form of 15 basic Serbian verbs. The exercice aims at testing your knowledge in conjugation, but also in vocabulary. Use our conjugator for every problematic verb form. Conjugate & Enjoy

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Quiz n°8

With this SerboVerb quiz you will learn a series of word families. Word families are groups of words that go together because they have similar or common formal and/or semantic features ! Word families are a very important tool when learning a foreign language! Thanks to Nataša Spasić for this exercice! Conjugate & Enjoy

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Dear SerboVerb users,We are making updates to the SerboVerb web platform and database. The web platform will not be available on Sunday, December 4th, 2022. Check back on Monday, or try our Android App. The SerboVerb team


Drag & Drop n°6

Rate your knowledge of four main tenses in Serbian: the present tense, the future, the perfect and the conditional. We are sure that this Drag & Drop exercise will allow you to significantly improve the use of these tenses. Any problem with this exercise? Do not worry, our conjugator will gently help you! The activity […]


Drag & Drop n°5

A little bit of vocabulary! Do you know the meaning of such basic Serbian verbs as voleti, znati and so on? This SerboVerb Drag & Drop exercise, proposed by our collaborator Nataša Spasić, will allow you to test your vocabulary. Conjugate & Enjoy


Drag & Drop n°4

This exercise also deals with perfective and imperfective aspect. You have to correctly group verbs depending on their aspectual value, which is an important parameter when conjugating Serbian verbs. By Nataša Spasić! Conjugate & Enjoy