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Drag & Drop n°5

A little bit of vocabulary! Do you know the meaning of such basic Serbian verbs as voleti, znati and so on? This SerboVerb Drag & Drop exercise, proposed by our collaborator Nataša Spasić, will allow you to test your vocabulary. Conjugate & Enjoy


Drag & Drop n°4

This exercise also deals with perfective and imperfective aspect. You have to correctly group verbs depending on their aspectual value, which is an important parameter when conjugating Serbian verbs. By Nataša Spasić! Conjugate & Enjoy


Drag & Drop n°1

What are they doing ? or Šta oni rade ? is the eighth SerboVerb exercise, authored by Nataša Spasić, our new contributor, from the University of Kragujevac. By dragging and dropping the pins to their correct place on the image, you will learn some basic Serbian verbs in Present tense ! Conjugate & Enjoy

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Quiz n°7

The seventh SerboVerb quiz is a fill-in-the-gaps exercise. In this quiz, you must listen to a mix of songs nice to hear and fill the blanks in ten questions, by recognizing a series of verb forms used by the singer ! Conjugate & Enjoy


Quiz n°6

The sixth SerboVerb quiz deals, as our Quizzes n°3 and 5, with the distinction between perfective and imperfective aspect. As in the Quiz n°5, only the second person singular of the perfect tense is used, but this time with agreement in the feminine gender. The same aspectual pairs as in the Quiz n° 5 are […]


Quiz n°5

The fifth SerboVerb quiz is devoted, as our Quiz n°3, to the distinction between perfective and imperfective aspect, but it is a little bit simpler: only the second person of the perfect tense and the masculine singular are used. In this SerboVerb quiz, you will also learn a series of aspectual pairs. Conjugate & Enjoy


Quiz n°4

This SerboVerb quiz, authored by our new collaborator Blaženka Trivunčić – head of Serbian School in France, Italy, Slovenia and Malta, deals with imperative mode. The quiz is conceived as a very rich material package so that you will find a Jovan Jovanović Zmaj’s poem, a corresponding song, a series of exercices, many lessons, and […]


Quiz n°3

The third SerboVerb quiz is devoted to the distinction between perfective and imperfective aspect, which is one of the main difficulties in learning Serbian conjugation. In this SerboVerb quiz you will learn a series of aspectual pairs. Conjugate & Enjoy